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Wellness Strategies for the Helping Professional

This 40 page resource manual will help the reader identify the causes, signs and symptoms of stress and also measure their own current level of stress and burnout. Principles and strategies for reducing and recovering from stress are examined in the manual. Building self-awareness and a toolbox of skills to increase vibrancy and resilience of helpers is a primary goal of this material.

Some of the topics found inside this manual:

  • Stress and Burnout Test for Caregivers
  • Tips for Self-Care
  • Things that Matter — Things We Forget
  • Seven Steps in Problem Solving
  • Making Plans and Setting Goals
  • When Stress Becomes Serious
  • Variables in Being Able to Manage Distress
  • Creating Balance
Experiencing compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma or burnout is, unfortunately, a common occurrence among caregivers. This necessitates that caregivers be mindful of attending to their own wellness.